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Coconut Fiber Is Now The World’s Best Product

Coconut plantations are one of the most extensive plantations in Indonesia, even coconut plantations in Indonesia are the second largest coconut plantations in the world after India with an area of ​​2.3 million hectares. Coconut plantations are the most potential plantations because coconut trees have a lot of benefits. The coconut tree is often called the tree of life because all of its components can be further processed into various industrial products, one of which is coconut fiber.

So far, coconut fiber is still considered a waste, only the flesh of the fruit is widely used so that its productivity is still low even though overseas coconut fiber is part of coconut that produces high productivity through processing carried out, one of which is in India.

Coconut fiber derivative products consist of several types including cocofiber and cocopeat. Cocofiber can be processed into ropes and door mats, while cocopeat can be used as a planting medium for nursery businesses

Seeing the magnitude of this opportunity, CV. Namora Solusi Utama is present as a company in Indonesia in the business of processing coconut fiber finished products using machines.

Not only as a producer who supplies cocopeat for local companies, CV. Namora Solusi Utama also exports finished goods from processed coconut fibers such as door mats and coir mats to Korea and Malaysia. Even today CV. Namora Solusi Utama is also preparing to meet the demand for coconut derivative products from America, Pakistan, India, Australia and Qatar.

Namora Coco Fiber, is one of the most trusted exporters in Indonesia, with an area of ​​​​commodities in North Sumatra, so we believe the prospect of selling this coconut waste or waste has a high selling value. We also try our best in providing service to customers in the process of packaging to delivery.




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