Coir fiber, or in world trade known as Coco Fiber, Coir Fiber, Coir Yarn, Coir Mats and Rugs, is a product of coconut coir processing. Traditionally, coco fiber is only used for making brooms, doormats, ropes and other household utensils. Technological developments, physico-chemical properties of fiber and consumer awareness to return to natural materials, have made coco fiber used as raw material for the carpet industry, vehicle upholstery and dashboards, mattresses, pillows, and handboards.

Coconut coir fiber is also used for erosion control. Coconut coir fiber is processed into Coir Fiber sheet which is used for coating car seats, spring beds and others.The combination of coconut fiber or cocofiber and natural latex can be produced as a natural mattress for flexible and flexible spring beds. Both are environmentally friendly and a good alternative to synthetic mattresses. Coconut fiber mattresses have a wide range of applications, including bed mattresses, sofas, furniture, cars, planes, tram seats, filters, insulation materials and packaging.

This washable coconut fiber mattress is designed for spinal health. In addition, overtime this natural coconut coir mat can provide better air circulation and is very good for supporting the back. This type of mattress provides good support for the spine and is good for blood circulation. This coconut coir mattress is not only ideal for parents and people with back pain conditions, it can even be used for babies to sleep. This mattress can be used separately or simply added to the top of another mattress.

Babies under the age of 2 years, usually easily wet the bed in bed. The smell of bedwetting caused will be very disturbing comfort for the baby as well as the parents. Bedwetting in the bed will cause high humidity levels, this will facilitate the growth of mold on the mattress. For babies who are prone to allergies, it will interfere with their health. The solution to this is a bed made of a mattress or mattress that is resistant to moisture.

Air circulation is easy to penetrate the pores of the mattress. Also when washed, the mattress dries easily with simple drying and is able to absorb odors. Beds that are suitable for this condition are mattresses made of coconut fiber or often with cocomatras or cocofiber mattresses.




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